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If you've had enough of that "fishy" smell, discharge or itching that's the result of out-of-balance vaginal pH, FloraFemme probiotic suppositories can help. Here's how:

FloraFemme is the only women's probiotic on the market. With 11 strains of proven, targeted probiotics — and a much higher concentration of each, with more than 72 billion CFUs per capsule — you now have the power to quickly, gently rebalance your vaginal pH to its normal, healthy range.

Normally, a healthy vagina is acidic — anywhere from about 3.5 - 4.5 pH. When this optimal balance is disrupted (usually by way of infection, antibiotics, spermicides, douching, etc.) the pH level can go up, causing that desirable semi-acid state to become too alkaline. Yeast and "bad bacteria" multiply quickly in this environment, causing that awful odor, discharge, irritation and itching.

All-natural FloraFemme works far more quickly than supplements you swallow because it's in suppository form. By inserting the capsules directly into the vagina, relief doesn't have to wait for a pill to make it all the way through your digestive system! And did you know that oral treatments are often destroyed by stomach acid, making them virtually useless?

Using just six FloraFemme vaginal suppository capsules helps to calm down that overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast,
promoting a more normal pH level and a proper balance of good vaginal flora.

Why pay 10 times more to take it every day, for months?

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