FloraFemme is fantastic!

It helped my recurrent yeast infections like no other over-the-counter product could! I will definitely be re-purchasing.

Allison S., CA


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"I have to tell you how impressed I am by your customer service. It's not often that online companies even respond to questions, let alone go above the degree of courtesy that you have. I thank you for taking the time and making the effort to send me your product...can't wait to try it out."

Bohdanna G.


I’ve struggled with vaginal odor and BV for years

Since I discovered FloraFemme, my vaginal issues have been resolved. Thanks so much for this wonderful product!

Yasmina M., CA

This is the most amazing product!

I highly recommend this product for all women! I am so glad there is a natural option that really works. I used to use drugstore treatments and creams, but they took so long to work and they burned. I used just two capsules of FloraFemme and got relief! After finishing the remaining suppositories over the next few nights, I have not experienced a recurrence of any vaginal issues and it's been almost one year!

Rachel W., CA  

I have tried nearly every product and prescription there is

My Ob/Gyn kept prescribing the same antibiotic which would make me really nauseated and give me terrible headaches. I got a little relief, but the worst part was a horrible, itchy yeast infection afterward.

Now I understand that antibiotics kill good bacteria as well as the bad. By chance I found FloraFemme after some searching on the Internet. After using all six capsules, one each night at bedtime for 6 nights, my vaginal issues are gone! There is no more odor, itching or discharge, and I smell "normal." Fresh and clean. My husband wants me back! I have to say my problems really had a negative impact on our sex life.

For "insurance," I have been using one capsule the day after my period is over (when vaginal pH is at its highest) and I have been able to stay nice and fresh, with ZERO recurrence of any problems. Ladies, please do yourselves a favor and check out FloraFemme.

Leslie N.,CA

Great product and excellent customer service!

I would recommend this product to any woman struggling with BV ... customer service was excellent and very helpful in offering suggestions.


Easy, effective and outstanding customer service

It works!! Got shingles in "there," didn't know that it was possible but medical testing confirmed. Left me in agony for a month and then the icing on the cake ... yeast infection in all the booboos. Diflucan helped but didn't completely clear things up. FloraFemme did. I will continue to use it for a while just to keep things in normal pH levels. Suzanah in customer service was like no other. Her type is a rarity these days.



I could tell a difference after the third day of use. It's been a month since I finished Florafemme. I would recommend it to anyone that is having problems with PH balance.

Carolyn M , MO